“A lifestyle blogger that creates with meaning because depth is always in fashion.”


I have decided to bring blogging to a close. However, this website will remain so that you may sink your teeth into the delectables. As for my published books, visit: www.lulu.com/spotlight/justicereign

Also, grace your senses with my Instagram (justreigning) and Twitter (OriginalJReign).

On another note, let me introduce you to Coley: she is the composer of enthralling monologues and a connoisseur of setting illusions aflame. Her wise nature, indomitable presence, and genuine adoration permeates throughout her work. There is no denying her unabashed authenticity. 

And my personal favorite character trait: Coley is my mom.

To behold all that Coley is, visit: www.thecoleyco.com.