My Story, My Way

This video was originally an audition for America’s Next Top Model reality tv show. I never submitted it. Instead, I fancied a grand opportunity and became  the cover and the cover stories of books that I authored. This gem of a home video is dated August 2017 and now serves as my introduction.

This is my story, my way. 

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I am here to show you something different: words seamed together as an invitation to a new experience, fashions that master tasteful flirtation and powerful artistry. I create irresistible masterstrokes; the unique “je ne sais quoi” that holds your most acute attention.

My experiences unfold to provide you with the inspiration and love that is needed to precipitate your awakening. I have a poetic view on life and a high standard for quality. These attributes set the stage for intriguing discourses and bespoke finery.

My published literature is a collection of raw insights and bold expressions. My books are conversation starters, reflection catalysts, and art pieces. More information about these treasures are found on:

My couture garments are dangerously classy and strikingly luxurious. Wearing a Justice Reign design means wearing the type of article that demands to be seen. For SERIOUS inquiries, send an email to:

My blog is an endearing gift. I wish to impact an audience that encompasses those of you who are unable to purchase my books and acquire my services. My blog also serves as a “thank you” for those who have read my books and want to read more from me. The content on my blog is free of charge and full of love. It is my pleasure to share the intricacies of my soul with you. Visit frequently to indulge in new content.

In the meantime, let me introduce you to Coley: she is the composer of enthralling monologues and a connoisseur of setting illusions aflame. Her wise nature, indomitable presence, and genuine adoration permeates throughout her work. There is no denying her unabashed authenticity. 

And my personal favorite character trait: Coley is my mom.

To behold all that Coley is, visit: