Masterly Love

There is a quote by Vincent Van Gogh that reads, “There is nothing more truly artistic than to love people.” Is this because love is an art to be mastered? Have you studied the intricacies of what it truly means to love another? Have you explored your parameters of self love? What qualifies as art?

Maybe art is born when you treat someone with kindness. Suppose art dwells in the space between two smiles. Perhaps art breathes in the rhythm of a beating heart.

Art is how you interact with others, when you are able to make someone feel something deep within. It’s the way you radiate with the love you have for yourself. It is the foundation for all that is sensational.

An oil painting is only art when the strokes reflect the passion of one’s soul. Fashion is only art when the design showcases a vision of beauty. Poetry is only art when the words ripple into the depths of the reader.

If you want to create art, then fully live each moment as your truest self. Act out of love when engaging company. Show up and show out at every opportunity that winks at you.

This is how you become a walking masterpiece.

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Just To Be Close To You

I honor you because you are someone’s prayer, someone’s teacher, and someone’s heart.

I respect you because you are a miracle in human form and divinity clothed in consciousness.

I admire you because you are a story that inspires beauty and a poem that breathes life.

I love you because at the crux of your soul, you are a light that is a sight behold.

How deep, full and vast is your love for yourself?

Soar into majesty,

Justice Reign

Just My Imagination

Last night I felt as though a tornado was all around me. Everything felt so chaotic. I wanted to take a jet to a tropical island, leave my phone and wifi behind, and fade into the background. No thoughts. No mind.

The sand between my toes

The sun kissing my skin

The ocean singing in the background

The salt intermingling with the oxygen I deeply inhale

The tropical heat embracing my senses…

That was the scene I was longing for.

But the mystery of stress is to find the eye of the storm, not to physically try to escape it. Plus, aren’t I already an oasis? So instead of packing a travel bag, I closed my eyes and let all thoughts slip away.

Slow breaths

The gentle warmth emitting from my covers

Soothing music playing softly in the background…

All of my uneases melted away as I drifted off to sleep.

This morning I woke up to a restart of new possibilities

Of optimism and hope

Of enthusiasm and determination

It’s okay to sometimes find yourself in a less-than-desirable mood. Things happen. That’s life. But the importance is to accept whatever it is you are feeling and then to leave that feeling behind you. Don’t let a down mood linger into the next moment. Be prepared to welcome an opportunity with vigor and positivity.

Today has every reason to be a wealth of success.

Today has the impetus to roll in miracles right before your eyes.

Today is the day to have a can-do mindset.

After all, everything is just my imagination…

…Until it turns into my reality.

Soar into majesty,

Justice Reign

Field of Dreams

It’s a night when I have the same song on repeat.

A night when inspiration beckons me to stay awake.

A night when I feel like writing a poem about beauty, magic, and love.

It’s a night with Christian Dior quotes twirling across my mind’s eye.

A night with Shakespeare lines breathing through the air. The fragrance is lovely.

My words dance together to give you a dream.

My messages invite you to explore truths untold and parts of yourself untravelled.

In this moment where all that exists in my world is the night sky, jazz music, and a heart full of expression, I find myself purely enjoying the peace of my personal Shangri-La.

Paradise is here right now. All it takes is for you to allow love to see through your eyes. To let your wise and playful God-Self hold your attention. To let the mystery of magic flirt with you. To live as your most authentic self. To smile fully and laugh deeply.

And when you witness the land of milk and honey that has always been your natural state, let the world know what perfection truly means.

Greatness is but a taste of what you are capable of once you realize the magic that you are.

Soar into majesty,

Justice Reign

This Masquerade

Loneliness stems from a state of lack, of insufficiency. It is found in the person who runs away from his thoughts and seeks distractions from the pull of his soul. But if there was no audience to crowd his mind with incessant noise and to boost his ego with half-hearted praise, what does he have left? Would he know how to approach his soul and ask for a dance? Does he have the gall to take himself as a date instead of chasing after a lady in a mask?

I’ll admit that I am quite full of myself; masks are unflattering and costumes are ill-fitting. I’ll also state that I would rather kindle the flame of my aloneness than subject myself to company drenched in pretense. I do not long for anyone’s approval. I will not conform to anyone’s comfort zone.

You see, there is a distinct difference between aloneness and loneliness: where loneliness shrivels in private, aloneness expands and overflows. Aloneness is the state of being in love with yourself. It is found in the person who finds tranquility in her party of one, who sways to her completion, who puts herself first.

You are in the presence of a master of aloneness when you feel a mysterious attraction to her aura’s powerful subtleties. You find yourself engulfed in her authenticity and hypnotized by her features; the aliveness of her eyes reaches the depths of your spirit, the genuineness of her smile causes your heart to flutter.

And when she walks away, you feel your soul yearning for a longer embrace. But she will only stay if you, yourself, have the audacity to show up to the ball wearing your true face.

Soar into majesty,

Justice Reign