Masterly Love

There is a quote by Vincent Van Gogh that reads, “There is nothing more truly artistic than to love people.” Is this because love is an art to be mastered? Have you studied the intricacies of what it truly means to love another? Have you explored your parameters of self love? What qualifies as art?

Maybe art is born when you treat someone with kindness. Suppose art dwells in the space between two smiles. Perhaps art breathes in the rhythm of a beating heart.

Art is how you interact with others, when you are able to make someone feel something deep within. It’s the way you radiate with the love you have for yourself. It is the foundation for all that is sensational.

An oil painting is only art when the strokes reflect the passion of one’s soul. Fashion is only art when the design showcases a vision of beauty. Poetry is only art when the words ripple into the depths of the reader.

If you want to create art, then fully live each moment as your truest self. Act out of love when engaging company. Show up and show out at every opportunity that winks at you.

This is how you become a walking masterpiece.

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Take Note

“Let’s dance in the perfection of our own immaculate glory.” – Matt Kahn

I am a sultry saxophone performing the song of my soul to those who dare to listen.

I am a passionate tango vibing to energies unborn.

I am a melodious violin expressing courageous love.

I am a bold tune speaking directly to the nucleus of existence.

I am an ocean storm of light eloquently setting the room ablaze.

Fire has never felt so crisp.

Breathing has never felt so alive.

My walk is a strut to the rhythm of my highest note.

My eyes are an open invitation to see life as an abundance of divinity.

My exquisite language inspires alignment to a grander frequency.

My intensity flows freely and cheekily.

My relaxed confidence and authenticity turns heads.

It’s alright to stare.

I’m a jazzy harmony playing with poetry.

With me, elegance is sensual and conversations are juicy.

I am aware that my presence is penetrating.

My symphony is commanding.

And this music only elevates in potency.

Shall you join me in a dance?

Soar into majesty,

Justice Reign

Human Nature

I once read a story of two men walking in the desert, dehydrated and exhausted. One man asked the other, “Do you believe in God?” His friend pointed to the sunset and replied, “All I know is that man cannot create that.”

The elements of nature are quite impressive. Earth provides an environment for a multitude of beings to experience life. Water showers from a sky that thunders with explosive passion. Fire shares its heat and light by way of a whimsical dance. Air reinvigorates your lungs with an invisible current. Space nudges you to ponder what is real and what is possible.

I bet you could endlessly name examples of natures’ robustness. I wonder if you have that long of a list when it comes to acknowledging your own powerfulness?

Yes, lightning can shock you to your core. But from how I see it, your pulse electrifies a living network of thirty-seven trillion cells in your body with each twinkling of an eye, and you reanimate each time you take a breath.

I am sure of the strength of the mighty oak tree, with its centuries-old tales of determination and survival. I am also under the impression that you have overcome all that has happened to you thus far, and that you should give yourself more credit for the grandness of your victories.

We could spend the whole day talking about all the things we find attractive in the world. How long would it take for us to mention our own beauty?

Yes, a rose will put me in a lovely mood. But one look, one smile from you will do all the same.

I will invite you to listen to the cheerful chirping of the birds on a warm, sunny day. Yet I still adore nothing more than your voice when you articulate your deepest thoughts, and the sound of your sweet laughter when happiness erupts from your belly.

From the spiritual legends of ancient mountains to the calming effect of the gentle ocean waves; from the uninhibited freedom of a meadow filled with wildflowers to the bold colors in the atmosphere; nature is both inspiring and enchanting. I believe that you are as well.

I have an idea: for each way you think nature is magnificent, name a way you are equally spectacular.

And just for the record, nature is merely a subtle reminder of what you’ll find when you look inside yourself.

Soar into majesty,

Justice Reign


The language of intelligence is invigorating. Actual conversation makes an attractive impression. I do not want to read a compilation of acronyms, nor would I enjoy listening to inarticulate rubbish.

Flood the meaning of your words with your unique fragrance. Overpower my senses with the flavor of your soul. Thoughtful expression will always be appealing.

Peak interest by penning a love letter and sealing it with a kiss. Assert your feelings like Rumi when he wrote, “I wait with silent passion for one gesture, one glance from you.”

Voice your thoughts with succinct vivaciousness. Let the power of your words flow from your core, as Hafiz did when he sang, “I will pour effulgence into your mind.” Allure me with your significance.

I speak my mind with flowery attitude and bold recklessness. My words taste like honey spiked with cayenne pepper. I do not need the use of hieroglyphs to get my point across.

Communication is an art. Don’t allow it to be forgotten.

Soar into majesty,

Justice Reign